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My 5 hour train journey

13/01/2010 Leave a comment

No trains from London Bridge

So the train ride in this morning was so close to perfect, but alas it ended up a complete joke.

It seems the snow has once again caused havoc with the service from Brighton to London Bridge. DSo much so that the 07:33 crawled into London Bridge at a little before 10am, when it should have been 08:43.

Knowing the pain of the return leg during rush hour I decided that enough was enough and to turn around and head home, knowing that I could log on from the warmth of my living room.  Again though, the rail networks would play their hand. There were no trains leaving London Bridge from any platform.

So, stuck at a cold station, I had to wait for the next rain to appear which as luck would have it, was only about half an hour away. One of th0 eonly trains to leave was a service by First Capital. Now how ironic is that!

I arrived back home at about 12:30, which means that I have spent 5 hours going too and from London. I hate to think what it will be like when the rush hour commute begins at 5pm this evening. All I can say is good luck, and I’m glad I’m not there. I’m sure there are many people suffering today.


Three and out

11/01/2010 Leave a comment

18:30 delayed. 18:39 delayed. 18:40 cancelled. What is going on?

How the hell am I going to get home if they can’t get a single train to stop at London Bridge and go to Brighton?

I’m going to do the ‘Delay Repay’ tomorrow to see if I get money back on this joke service.

The snow hits again

06/01/2010 Leave a comment

Ever the optimist, I got on the 07:33 this morning thinking there would be hardly any delay getting to work this morning. After all, only a few weeks back we had snow and I guess that could be used as practice for the next time, eg this time.

But alas no. It’s now almost 9am and we have only just left East Croydon. I reckon I will be in work for about 10am, which means a two and a half hour journey.

Still, I have the return leg to look foward to still. Oh joy.

How long can this go on?

22/12/2009 Leave a comment

To the best of my knowledge there is now no snow on the tracks. It was a half hour storm more than 24 hours ago.

So why was the 17:42 cancelled and the same I’m told was the 17:58 to be?

I had to squeeze in with a few thousand in one train to East Croydon and change there!

I reckon train staff use this as time off. They don’t bother showing up and blame the weather. It’s an absolute joke!

What the hell is staff displacement?

22/12/2009 Leave a comment

As I write this I’m sitting on a Gatwick Express train heading into Victoria.

The 07:33 was delayed and then cancelled (not actually saying cancelled on the board, it just vanished!) and an emergency 07:47 service was added. Not an emergency one to London Bridge of course, oh no. In an emergency the first trains to get cancelled are those.

The excuse today was threefold. Due to the adverse weather, due to rolling stock and (this is the classic), displacement of train staff!

I’m already worried about how I’m going to get home again.

New timetable and no change

14/12/2009 Leave a comment

A glimmer of hope. A new timetable.

Surely this means that they have looked after the commuters by putting on better services and more convenient times? No. In fact I don’t think anything has changed.

Of course there are always the delays. I just stood at London Bridge for the 12:42 which turned up at 14:58. The worrying thing is it’s off peak now! What will it be like later?

Morning delays

08/12/2009 Leave a comment

What I really didn’t need today was to be late. Having organised meetings at 9am on a Tuesday as it was the only time slot available, I was hoping that I would arrive with plenty of time to walk the 15 minutes to work.


Why do I do this to myself? I know that the rail service is not on time at least 70% of the time. I guess I’m just a sucker for what someone tells me.

So we crawl into London Bridge at 08:51 which leave me 9 minutes to get to the office. No chance. I like the idea that they have in Japan where if a train is late by a few minutes, the rail company give the commuters a slip of paper to prove that it was the fault of the train company.

I would go one further. If that commuter has 20 of those bits of paper, they can then trade it in for something of value. After all, they took something valuable of mine – MY TIME!